Sunday, November 15, 2009

Special Post:A visit to Matrikulasi Gopeng!

Couples of hours staying at Matrikulasi Gopeng was a great memory! It's joyous to notice some familiar face and my old pals fooling around. Lol! All I can say is, Rusydi was a really good tour guide.haha. Actually, my sister was up to some Program Motivasi sponsored by the Tabung Haji.

'Why not if I follow her and meet my friends! Isn't that a good idea?'.

I met Syatiry which I used to call him Sya, and that's totally feminine! By, the way, I started to call him Syat bcoz that's what his friends address him there.haha! I met Afiq too! My old pal during SKP and we used to spend couple of weeks at SMK. Tambun before I moved to MRSM Lenggong.

As I arrived, my dad, Rusydi and I were having breakfast at Cafe which just next the hostel. Afterward, we attack couples of my old pals room, haha! Not really kowt..but we did drop by each hostel block! Their hostel are kinda much better than mine at UiTM Perlis since at the middle of the hostel is filled with the tropical mini garden instead of hard rock tar as in ours

When it comes to noon, I enjoy my lunch with Soleh, Alia and another girl(Alia's roommate). You know what, I gave them a note of 10 bucks but they finish em all with just a single plate of Yong Tau Fu! Yokatta...coz we can at least finish the food.It's tasty anyway, instead the kuah was kinda hanyir a the way, I met Helwa Ezzah too and we talk a lil bout my cousin, Munirah aka Kak!

Rusydi the Pemandu Pelancong part time and I

Afterward, Rusydi drag me around the campus! I was kinda asleep but that's what make him more eager to show me around, haha! Here are couple of snap, but we might miss couple of interesting spot, though...

Just look at that! As if they're living in a middle of lost world coz the place is surrounded by mountains and couple of hill of Banjaran Titiwangsa.

The pond is totally filled with bunch of fish! Ikan Koi Merah, Tilapia, Keli, Puyu and couple of other species as far as I'd noticed the way, this pon is located INSIDE the mosque area!

Trust me, they're having a catfight...

If you notice, there're couple of spot at the mountain is raining while at other place isn't

This huge tangki air can be notice even you're still like 1 km away from Matrikulasi Gopeng!

Each block are linked by those roofed sidewalk, so there's no need to worry if it's raining and there's no reason to skip classes! tp klu hujan lebat tuh tkene jgk kowt tempias..haha!

This scenery remind me to padi huma, but that is pokok lalang lorr..

loji..haha! soleh cakap lei brenang2 kt cni klu nk..naga pown ade kowt..

me and Soleh yg mereng...


  1. bole tahan smart jugak page br ni... ho2... wei... dlm ramai2 bdk lenggong kt gopeng tu, ko jmpe banyak tu je ke?? ha2...

  2. bai, mcm r ramai sgt bdk lenggong kt sane..

    aq jumpe ramai gk budak2 lg time lunch..x kn la aq nk amik gambo tiap2 org kt situ??

    mereng r ko

  3. ha2... saje cam nak saiko ko skit... :D

  4. haha
    blah la ko!

    aq lg nk trchirit ade laa..